Our Panels

UKUDO laminated panels have been designed to provide the means to create inspiring furniture, interior design and timeless architectural solutions. UKUDO laminated boards are manufactured on the most modern flat panel lamination lines in the UK today.

Robotic loading and off-loading, automatic stock rotation and the ability to laminate from sheets or rolls gives us the flexibility and choice we pass on to customers worldwide.

Standard Sheet Sizes

We laminate senosan acrylic panels and TopX panels as well as a wide high quality range of PVC and PET films to the core board of your choice.

Standard sheet sizes for acrylic lamination are 3050 x 1220 and 2440 x 1220. ABS Edging is available to match all colours.

Please ask if we can produce to your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to discuss possibilities.

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Standard Sheet Sizes

Core Board Material

Core material can be a variety of compositions depending on customer specification and requirements. We already have produced UKUDO on the following core boards for customers in a variety of markets:

  • Fibreboard
  • Metal
  • MDF
  • F MR MDF (Moisture resistant MDF)
  • F Russian Birch Plywood
  • F Chipboard
  • F Moisture Resistant (MR) Board
  • Composite Board
  • F FR (Fire Resistant) Board

Certifications: Cores marked F are FSC® certified

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